One Private Lesson with Mr. Knauf via ZOOM, Multiple Children

Payment for Four Private Lessons for Families with Two or More Children Taking Lessons with Mr. Knauf at St. Giles School
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Price $19.25

Payment for One Lesson for One Child for Families with Two or More Children Enrolled in ZOOM Lessons with Mr. Knauf 

The lesson payment amount for one child for families with two or more children enrolled with Mr. Knauf for lessons via ZOOM is $19.25.



SPECIAL OFFER!! If you pay for four or more months of lessons at a time for each child, you will receive an additional $19.25 discount per child. Please enter the coupon code, 2freelessons. You must pay for four months or more of lessons for the students enrolled with Mr. Knauf to receive the special offer. Please enter the coupon at check-out.  You will receive the credit at check-out.  In order to qualify for this offer, the four or more months of lessons must be paid for by the second scheduled lesson of the group of lessons being paid for.