Joan Hammel - Joanland

Joan Hammel - Joanland
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Joanland features a collection of 11 original songs by award winning vocalist, composer and instrumentalist, Joan Hammel.  Guest musicians include Corky Siegel, Skip Griparis, Don Stiernberg, Andrina Singer, members of the Cryan' Shames among over 40 performers.

The Grammy Awards included her and this album in 4 categories on the Nominations Ballot for the 2006 Grammy Awards. She was chosen by Washington to entertain the troops for New Year's Eve and her nomination for Pop Entertainer of the Year along with R. Kelly and Kanye West for the Chicago Music Awards 2005 landed her the co-host spot of the show with 3 time Grammy Award winner Darius Brooks. The Illinois Arts Council has chosen her for the current Illinois Arts Tour Roster.

Joan grew up in Lake County, IL in a musical family, and studied voice and instruments in school and at church. She is an award winning professional vocalist who performs live as well as appearing in commercials, on television, in films, and on radio. She appeared as a headliner during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  All of the recordings she worked on as either a writer, producer, or singer made it into the first round of voting for the 2003 Grammy Awards.



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    1. Paris

    2. Learn To Fly

    3. Boardwalk Angel

    4. Falling

    5. Run Like The Wind

    6. All Along

    7. He Asked Me To Dance

    8. Give It To Me Straight

    9. I Saw You Today

    10. Love Prevails

    11. See Ya!


Released in 2005